M&J's Top DVD/Blu-ray Limited Editions

 Here's a list of all our favorite limited/special/collector's editions ever. 
Some we have, the others are on our wishlist.

Title: The Ultimate Matrix Collection - Limited Edition
Discs: 10 DVD
Features: Special Package ; Figurine ; Collector's Book;
Available at Amazon.com UK (Amazon.co.uk) / France (Amazon.fr) / Germany (Amazon.de)

Title: The Ultimate Matrix Collection Nebuchadnezzar Box
Discs: 4 BD & 3 DVD
Features: Special Package ; Nebuchadnezzar Ship;
 Available at  Japan (Amazon.co.jp)

Title: Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain Limited Collector's  Edition
Discs: 2 DVD & 1 CD
Features: Limited Edition Tin ; 2 Disc Digipak & Booklet; OST in a Digipak; 24-Page Booklet; Envelope With 8 Polaroids Of The Garden Dwarf; 8 15x20 Production Photos; Signed Poster;
Available at  France (Amazon.fr) and France (Amazon.fr) 

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Title: Apollo 13 Limited Gift Set Edition
Discs: 2 DVD
Features: Special Package ; Multi-Colour Moon Sphere;
Available at  Taiwan (JSDVD Mall)

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Title:  Lost: The Complete Fifth Season Dharma Initiative Orientation Kit
Discs: 6 DVD
Features: VHS Orientation Video for New Recruits; 5 L.E. Collectible embroidered DHARMA Patches;  Orientation Guides to the Compound, Motor Pool, Security and Cafeteria; Exclusive CD of Geronimo Jackson's "Dharma Lady";
Available at Amazon.com - DVD  & Amazon.com - Blu-ray  

Title: Edward Scissorhands Snow Globe Gift-Set
Discs: 1 DVD
Features: Special Packaging ; Tin Set; Snow Globe;


Title: Phantasm Sphere Collection Box Set
Discs: 5 DVD
Features: Box Set; Booklet; Tall Man's Sphere;
Available at Amazon.com & UK (Amazon.co.uk) 


Title: Alien Quadrilogy Deluxe Alien Head
Discs: 9 DVD
Features: Head ; Limited Edition Box Set; Alien Quadrilogy Box Set
available at UK (Amazon.co.uk) / France (Amazon.fr) / Germany (Amazon.de)

Title: The Nightmare Before Christmas - Ultimate Collector's DVD Set
Discs: 2 DVD
Features: Jack Skellington Bust; Limited Edition nº25.841; Sandy Claws Hat & Beard with matching disc case; Plays sound bites from the movie;
Available at Amazon.com  / UK (Amazon.co.uk) / France (Amazon.fr) / Germany (Amazon.de)

Title: I Robot: Deluxe Sonny Head
Discs: 2 DVD
Features: Head ; Booklet; Amaray Case;
DVD Version Available at Amazon.com/ UK (Amazon.co.uk) / France (Amazon.fr) / Germany (Amazon.de) / Japan (Amazon.co.jp)
BD Version Available at Amazon.com / UK (Amazon.co.uk) / France (Amazon.fr) / Germany (Amazon.de)

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Title: Ben-Hur: Basso-Relievo Collector's Edition Box Set
Year: 1925 & 1959
Source Edition: China
Discs: 4 DVD
Features: Basso-Relievo Box Set; Digipak; 2 Booklets (Photos & Story Book)

Title: Harry Potter 1 - 6 Collector's Edition "Hogwarts Castle"
Discs: 12 BD
Features: Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle Replica;
Available at Amazon.com  / UK (Amazon.co.uk) / France (Amazon.fr) / Germany (Amazon.de)

Title: King Kong Production Diaries Limited Collector's Box Set
Discs: 2 DVD
Features: Limited & Numbered edition to 5.000; King Kong FIgure; Booklet;

Title: War of the Worlds Emergency Box
Discs: 2 DVD
Features: Limited & Numbered edition to 5.000; World Packaging; Led Ligh; FM/AM Radio;Key RIng with Whistle; Work Gloves;
Available at Japan (Amazon.co.jp)

Title: The Monster Legacy DVD Collection Box Set
Discs: 14 DVD
Features: Mini Busts of Dracula, Wolfman and Frankenstein.
Available at Amazon.com  / UK (Amazon.co.uk) / France (Amazon.fr) / Germany (Amazon.de)

Title: Perfume: The Story of a Murderer - LE Fascination of Scents Box Set 
Discs: 2 DVD 
Features: Müller Exklusive Version; LE Wooden Box Set Nº4654/7777; 5 Perfume Samples; Booklet; Perfume Testers;
available at Germany (Amazon.de)

Title:  Titanic - Limited Edition Wooden Chest Nº 0134/1000 
Discs: 3 DVD 
Features: Wooden Chest; Digipak; Heart of the Ocean ( Le Couer de la Mer) Necklace; RMS Titanic Ticket nº 0000134;

Title:  Spider-Man Ultimate Collector's Wooden Box Set
Discs: 2 DVD
Features: Numbered edition to 5000; Pyrographed wooden box; Spidey resin statuette, made by Attakus; facsimile of the comic book "Amazing Fantasy n.15" (1st pparition Spidey); Sketchbook; 
available at France (Amazon.fr) 

Title: The Lord of the Rings Trilogy Collector's Gift Sets

The Fellowship of the Ring
Features: 4 DVD; Argonath Bookends; Digipak; Decipher Trading Cards; Midle Earth Map; Limited & Numbered Edition;

The Two Towers
Features: 5 DVD; Statue of Gollum; Digipak ; Gollum's DVD & Booklet; Limited & Numbered Edition;
Available at Amazon.com   / UK (Amazon.co.uk)   France (Amazon.fr) / Germany (Amazon.de)

The Return of the King
Features: Sculpture/Keepsake Box of Minas Tirith; Digipak;Bonus DVD "Creating The Lord of the Rings Symphony"; Limited & Numbered Edition;
Available at Amazon.com  / UK (Amazon.co.uk)   France (Amazon.fr) / Germany (Amazon.de)

Title:  Saw I-VII Limited Final Trap Edition Blu-Ray
Discs: 7 BD
Features: 1:33 Final Trap Replica; Limited and Numbered edition to 2.500 copies;
Available at Germany (Amazon.de)

Title:  Cast Away - Collector's Edition Fedex Package  
Discs: 2 DVD
Features: Box Set ; Digipak; Fedex Small Box Package;

Title: Seinfeld: Seasons 1, 2 & 3 (Giftset) 
Discs: 12 DVD
Features: Limited Edition Script; Monk's Salt & Pepper Shakers; Playing Cards;
Available at Amazon.com

Title: Back To The Future Trilogy: Limited Deluxe Delorean Edition 
Discs: 3 BD
Features: Delorean replica Model; Certificate of authenticity; Complete set of newspapers; Sports Almanac; Blue print of DeLorean; Old fashioned photograph; 3 Postcard sets; Original art; Original art of the Movie Posters; Back to the Future booklet ;
Available at UK (Amazon.co.uk) / Germany (Amazon.de)

Title: Back To The Future - Marty Mcfly's Vest
Discs: 1 Bluray
Features: Marty Mcfly Down Vest; "Save the Clock Tower" Flyer; Nº00/20; Limited Edition Bluray Steelbook;

Title: District 9: Blu-ray Collector's Set with MNU Vest
Discs: 2 BD
Features: MNU Vest & Production Notes;
Available at Amazon.com 

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  1. I am a serious collector too, but you've got some ones I didn't know about, and I some I knew.. but can't get my hands on! love your page!