Crocodile Dundee I & II

Title: Crocodile Dundee & Crocodile Dundee II - Reversible Vest Edition
Year: 1986 & 1988
Source Edition: Portugal (Made by M&J)
Discs: 2 DVD
Features: Reversible Vest; Limited Edition Nº00/10 (Prototype)

Vests Location: 
Nº 00 Brasil (Highlander - BJC Forum)
Nº 01 Spain (Doctor Canus - Mundo DVD)
Nº 02 Portugal (RRocha Home Cinema & Collector)
Nº 03 UK (Big Rob - Hi-Def Ninja)
Nº 05 UK
Nº 06 Portugal (Five - Xploited Forum)
Nº 07 Germany
Nº 08 Portugal (M&J)
Nº 09 


  1. Hi there ! :)
    No. 7 of the Dundee Vests is in my Collection here in Germany ;)

    Kind Regards,
    Qbert !

  2. Ok my friend, just change the location.
    Where did you get it?

  3. I've got it from you through a secret santa, i guess it was the ultimategeekforum :)

  4. Ah, ok I remember. I didn't put on the list. And I think was in the UK. Glad you like!!

    1. Sure :) I like your Custom Editions, I have one of the Amelie Jackets, too :)
      Is it possible to get one of the Back to the Future Jackets ?

    2. Yes. I'm doing two editions right now, I can make one more. Send us an email to