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Best DVD/VHS Packaging of 2002-1998

The best DVD/VHS limited/collector's/deluxe editions, gift sets, special packaging, box sets that came out between 2002-1998

Spider-Man Ultimate Collector's Wooden Box Set
available at France (Amazon.fr)

LOTR - The Fellowship of the Ring
Available at Amazon.com  / UK (Amazon.co.uk)   France (Amazon.fr) / Germany (Amazon.de)

Collateral Damage Ammunition Box 1000ex

Men In Black Limited Field Box

Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain Limited Collector's  Edition
Photos: Amelie
Available at  France (Amazon.fr) and France (Amazon.fr) 

Titanic - Limited Edition Wooden Chest
Pictures: Titanic

Cast Away - Collector's Edition Fedex Package 
Pictures: Cast Away 

The Perfect Storm (Deluxe Collector Set Signature Series)
Available at Amazon.com 

The Exorcist - Limited Edition Collector's Set
Available at Amazon.com

Iron Maiden - Eddie's Head Limited & Numbered Edition Box Set
Available at  Amazon.com  / UK (Amazon.co.uk)

Alien Trilogy - Limited Facehugger Case

Halloween 20th Anniversay-Snow Globe
Available at Amazon.com

Fargo: Collector's Set (Snow Globe)
Available at Amazon.com

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