In The Mood For Love (花樣年華)

Title: In The Mood For Love (花樣年華) - Cheongsam Dress DVD Edition
Year: 2000
Source Edition: Portugal (Made by M&J)
Discs: 1 DVD
Features: Cheongsam Dress; Limited Edition Nº00/05 (Prototype);

Dresses Location:
Nº 00 Hungary (Afiaf - See-nema Forum)
Nº 01 Spain (Doctor Canus - Mundo DVD)
Nº 02 Portugal (RRocha Collector)
Nº 03 Portugal (See-nema)


  1. Thank you for creating these!
    I've been following your custom made clothing editions quietly for some time now (all very nice and often amazingly detailed), but considering the highly emotional attachment I have to this film, these ItMfL editions take it to another level.
    If I hadn't decided to let go of all my films I would've dropped a months worth on "DVD-money" on this. (I'm sure you'll have no problems finding buyers, when you decide to offer these, just saying that even stingy me would've been willing to pay decent bucks for this one.)

    btw: I think you should put the corresponding screenshots on here as well.

    Thank you for making and sharing these custom editions, the silent majority of collectors appreciates it.

  2. Thanks alot for the lovely comment.
    We're very glad that a fan from ItMfL enjoys our editions.

    Always sad to know that a collector is letting go his movies.

    Even that it takes alot of our free time to make this editions, your comment and others like yours, give us the enthusiasm to keep on making new editions.

    P.S.: Screenshot added!!

  3. Esta vez os habéis superado. Increíble, os han quedado dos ediciones preciosas... unas verderas maravillas.

    Mis más sinceras felicitaciones, pareja.

    Doctor Canus