In The Mood For Love (花樣年華)

Title: In The Mood For Love (花樣年華) - Cheongsam Dress Blu-Ray Edition
Year: 2000
Source Edition: Portugal (Made by M&J)
Discs: 1 Blu-Ray
Features: Cheongsam Dress; Limited Edition Nº00/05 (Prototype);

Dresses Location:
Nº 00 Portugal (M&J)
Nº 01 Spain (Doctor Canus - Mundo DVD)
Nº 02 USA (PunkNinja - Hi-Def Ninja)
Nº 03 Canada
Nº 04 Israel
Nº 05 UK

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  1. Are No.3 and No.5 still available for sale?

  2. Yes they are still available. Send us an email to